Simple Diy Twin Bed with Side Rails

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Twin bed with side rails are barriers of different materials that are used as edge in beds, especially elderly or have some type of reduced mobility, both in hospital-type facilities as in nursing homes and in private homes. It is important to specify this definition of bed rails since the concept “rails” can also be applied to removable barriers that can be used in cribs and beds for babies and small children. A good alternative to prevent children from falling out of bed is to install security fence in bed . This accessory will be easily found in DIY stores and its placement is a simple task that we show you, step by step.

The first thing we will do is to protect the wood and integrate the bar into the decoration of the room by painting it with a product free of toxic components and easy to clean, since it is a children’s room. To work more comfortably, we hang the security twin bed with side rails on a rope. Next, we dilute the product tarpapers in 10% of water, as the manufacturer tells us. Mix well and attach the tank to the paint gun. We can now apply the sealing primer on the wooden surface, leaving a minimum distance of 20 cm between the tool and the structure.

After the drying time indicated by the manufacturer, we give the enamel using also the paint gun. Once the product has dried, unfold the structure and insert the base under the mattress. It is convenient to leave a space of about 25 cm between the ends of the fence and the edge of the bed, to prevent any risk of suffocation. In this simple way as it is to install security twin bed with side rails in bed , our children will be completely safe in bed, without risk of falling while they sleep.