Smart Home with Murphy Bed King Size

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Murphy bed king size – this is no longer unfamiliar furniture in modern life. The presence of Murphy beds in mini apartments and smart home design saves maximum room space and remains aesthetically pleasing. Black and white is the two primary colors and mainstream of this male bedroom. Murphy bed, as well as the details of the bedroom simple, square and neat, bring the beauty of luxury, elegance and youthful for the whole room. This bed is considered as the first choice of gentle men and personality.

With a Murphy bed combined with a bookshelf, you have both a bookcase and a comfortable, comfortable reading area. If you want to, you can still fold the bed to make room for other activities. Or simply sit at the bookshelf to read books and sip a cup of coffee. This is the best murphy bed king size for a two-person room, especially suitable for students renting a house together. The middle of the two beds is a large closet that helps create a private space. In order to increase the natural light and ventilation of the “bedroom”, try the idea of ​​a Murphy bed with glass windows.

When folding bed, under the bed is a flat wooden wall of a neatly organized office. The small bed is part of a large bookcase that extends over a wall. You can sit back in bed after stressful hours or invite your guests to stay overnight. The design of this bedroom is no different from the layout of a hotel with pictures hanging on the bedside. Only thing, the bed of this room is more special than the normal bed type because it can be folded close to the bed wall. You can also design a murphy bed king size near the window, in the direction of the beautiful view like this bed. Bedding patterns are minimalistic and light and subtle.