Smart Ideas Loft Bed with Trundle

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Loft bed with trundle – this option is similar to the previous one, but the lower space is not exactly an organizer, but has been left free to place boxes of different sizes. In this case, a second level was built in the room but at a considerably small height in such a way that the lower part was free to store and the sleeping area was separated and delimited with the treatment of the floor and the entrance of light. This bed base, like the rest of the examples, has drawers on the sides of the base, but in this case it was built much wider than the perimeter of the mattress, allowing transit around it and delimiting the sleeping area from the rest of the room.

Loft bed with trundle and drawers are located precisely on the step that separates the two levels, which gives them breadth and depth. It is the piece of children where the organization becomes indispensable. It is an excellent idea to build a single base to locate several mattresses, taking advantage of it to hide drawers that allow them to organize and store more easily all their toys. Young people are also accustomed to leaving their room untidy, which is why it is necessary to integrate practical, comfortable, modern and compact furniture.

A futon, for example, is excellent for needs such as inviting friends to sleep or study, rest, and do homework. Said piece of furniture has in its lower part with drawers to quickly store your personal and bed linen. If you are one of those who keep reading and wake up to continue reading, this bookcase is for you. The base consists of a long piece of furniture with three sections, where you can organize your books, magazines and other texts, so that you have them at hand when you are in loft bed with trundle.