Sophisticated Full Trundle Bed Design

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Full trundle bed – the efforts of the designers to create furniture that take better advantage of the square meters of the current homes has led to the design of the nest beds becoming more and more sophisticated. As these beds are very used for children’s rooms, in their designs it is allowed to play with all the options that we can imagine to make these bedrooms ideal spaces for children to play and sleep. You can see in this fun bunk with drawers that incorporate a slide that will delight the little ones. We even find versions of trundle beds and bunk beds combined in a single piece of furniture, which meets the needs of space in dormitories shared by several brothers.

In the image we show you bellow one of these beds, which incorporates several storage areas of different sizes to make it more functional. For the decoration of this bedroom, it is based on a naif air, very suitable for a children’s room, which combines the beautiful structure of a white bed with pleasant textiles and showy floral prints.  Another provision that can choose when combining two beds nest drawers is angled so that the beds form a L.  The functionality of the drawers and containers of the full trundle bed is enormous, being able to have accessories to attach to the trundle beds and gain storage space in any corner.

For example, the drawer located in the angle between a beds in L.  This arrangement is ideal for more square rooms, and allows freeing the central space of the bedroom. If color is a great ally in every child and youth bedroom, this type of room that combines several full trundle bed allows for fun color games. Nest beds are usually made in different finishes and colors, which allows us to choose elements of different shades or incorporate bright colors in the accessories, achieving compositions as avant-garde and balanced as the one shown here.