Spectacular Sports Twin Race Car Bed

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Twin race car bed – If you reached the adult stage, you are surely dying of envy reading these lines and if you have a child, you can already buy this marvel that will turn your childhood into a paradise of motor and speed. Who has never dreamed of having a bed shaped like a race car when I was a child? Some have had the luck to dream about a spectacular sports car and those who did not have one, were satisfied with the great variety of miniatures with striking designs.

Sometimes it’s just a stretch but when you get many pieces or a complete circuit, the children (also the occasional adult) can turn their houses into a kind of twin race car bed with loopings , incredible descents and endless lines. In this way, the child can create a great circuit that passes through his own bed and immerse himself in the exciting world of motorsport. The design is an animated recreation where the typical headboard becomes a spoiler that stores the miniatures and safety bars are a circuit that runs around the car

Designs of modern cars, vintage cars, trucks and trucks take center stage to decorate the room, becoming a great center of attention for your bedroom. Some accessories to decorate the room will depend on the type of choche bed chosen. For race cars, you can add different types of decorations for the walls, such as a mural, paint a racetrack, sponsor logos, names or images of famous competitors on posters or posters and of course highlight the photograph of your little one as a champion. Includes other furniture that accompanies the twin race car bed in relation to its colors. A box of tools and banners can help you with the finishing touches to the decoration.