Take Full Advantage of Futon Loft Bed

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Futon loft bed – Taking advantage of the space of the bed has always been a preferred option to store things that we do not use. Unlike traditional beds, the Loft bed has a higher height, so they can be used for more than keeping old boxes. In this edition we will see some ideas to use that space that is under the bed, to take advantage of it in the best way and gain space. In the end, the idea of ​​the Loft beds is to minimize the unnecessary waste of space. Use the space of the bed to place drawers. In them we can save from sheets and towels, to coats and elegant clothes that we use little. This space would be saving us having a very large closet.

With a small one, where we keep the clothes of the day to day would be enough. This design of a wooden futon loft bed would look great in houses or apartments. Using the space left by the Loft bed to place a small studio is an excellent idea, especially for children and young people. Thus, from an early age they will have their own place to do homework and generate a routine. In addition to this, it takes incredible advantage of space. How many fun things we could do in all that space we have left.

A bed inside a futon loft bed is a very common and very useful idea for the bedroom. Will the children have a sleepover soon? There we have an extra bed. What are the uncles coming from abroad? There is the bed that we keep under which we sleep. Are you watching a movie with friends and do not all fit in bed? There is one for them to lie down. It does not take up space and makes the bedroom much more functional  .