The Benefits Of A Twin Bed With Pop Up Trundle

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Twin Bed With Pop Up Trundle – From time to time we come across a situation in our lives when we feel the need to make some changes in our environment. Maybe we need a place for the occasional guest, or want to redesign the children’s bedroom. In any case we have a choice. So let us now to allow this choice fall on twin beds, or to be more precise, on a twin bed with pop up trundle. The proper utilizing of space is not only cost efficient; it also brings more comfort and, as we talk about kids, provides with more free space to play.

A twin bed with pop up trundle is the name for a twin bed with additional trundle unit which you can fold down and slide under the twin bed, since the trundle bed has wheels. It is the common thing among all the trundle beds. The special quality which a twin bed has is that it serves two purposes in one time (well, almost in one time) – it gives you an attractive sitting place during the daytime, and serves as a sleeping area at night. The twin bed with pop up trundle has something more: trundle bed can be converted to king size bed because of the trundle unit that can pop up. You can use any standard size twin mattress with it. Trundle bed can be used as storage, if the trundle unit is not required at present moment. But just remember, that there is a space only for the mattress itself, so no box springs can be added.

Let’s summarize the benefits from having twin bed with pop up trundle at your home. Trundle bed saves space, which is a great option for a small room; twin bed with trundle unit may turn into a king size one. You can easily store the trundle bed out of sight, and make it ready in a few moments. Most pop up trundle twin bed can handle a 250 pound person, and they can use a standard twin size mattress. Trundle bed wheels allow you to move the bed to any part of your house without any great effort before setting it up.