To Mount a Full Over Futon Bunk Bed

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Full over futon bunk bed – Full over futon bunk bed are among the most effective beds on the market today. A futon bunk bed is essentially a convertible couch at the bottom and a full-size bed on top. The oversleep usually stays in bed form all the time but can still be treated to take the couch shape if the user wishes. This sofa works well for children’s rooms, small rooms and small loft or apartments. To mount a full futon bunk bed, starting with choose two futon sets of the same size. Measure the length, width and thickness of each piece of wood that makes up the main body and footer.

Be sure to have the same size, especially in width and thickness of the services. Construct a bedside and footsteps for full over futon bunk bed with wood. These will be placed adjacent to the existing bedside tables and footboards to provide additional support. The services should not be more than 7 meters high, but wider and thicker than the original – up to twice as thick. Drill enough holes in the bedside tables and footboards to connect the pieces, but do not overdo it. Make sure you drill enough large holes for the screws that came with futon frames. Carefully attach the frames to the bedside tables and footboards with nuts and screws.

The original bedside tables and footboards fit just inside the ones you have designed. If the services you use are thicker than the original futon posts, you will probably need bolts that are longer than (but equal to) the original ones. Make sure the futon frames are firmly attached to the bedside tables and footboards. The bolts are firm and tight, and the frames do not twist. This is especially important for the translator. This step is important for the entire project. Connect a ladder for access to the overflow fonts. Attach it to the bedside or footplate with carpenter glue and nails. And the full over futon bunk bed was done.