Trend Lately Glitter Countertop Kitchen

Posted on Countertop Ideas

There was a time when it was common to see kitchen glitter countertop covered with tiles, as it seems that the trend returns and not only for rustic and ethnic kitchens. Also in current designs it is possible to see this trend lately. Modern Nordic style kitchen with the front and the countertop with the same tiles. To add contrast the grout has been made with gray cement. Here instead the joints have been made in white to create an effect of white uniformity that contrasts with the black cabinets.

Tiles and gray grout for this Scandinavian style kitchen with an important retro air. For vintage kitchens this way of solving the glitter countertop is very successful. Another idea is that which aims to create a certain contrast between the countertop and the front of the kitchen. Whether combining two types of different tiles or another material.

In other kitchen it has been preferred to use cement tiles for the countertop and to use mosaic tiles for the front. On this occasion white tiles with different placement have been used, in addition a border with blue tiles with vegetal and bird motifs has been created on the front. Color and shine for a kitchen that certainly does not go unnoticed. It has left the smooth color for the glitter countertop and the combination of patterns and colors for the front.