Twin Jenny Lind Bed Black

Twin Jenny Lind Bed Black.

Today in Muchobaby , we bring you ideas to inspire you with beautiful rooms for twins! The room for twins in the main image belongs to Project Nursery, and do not tell me it's not cool! If you have a large bedroom, you can choose to place the cribs in the middle of it, one next to the other. Especially if you have twins of different sexes, the contrasts of color will be wonderful! Although feng shui does not recommend the location of the twin jenny lind bed under the window, it cannot be denied that the decoration of this room for twins is beautiful and practical, taking into account the space of the same, right? If you count at home with a long or large room, you can choose this style of decoration where the cribs are placed one after the other. With a nice mural or children's vinyl on the wall, it will look beautiful! As you can see, the decoration options are multiple: you can place the cradles one next to the other or separated as in the second idea, where a curtain allows a certain intimacy between the little ones.