Twin Size Car Bed Theme Lovers

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Twin size car bed – decoration for children’s rooms gives a lot of fabric to cut. We can give free rein to our imagination and encourage us to color, extravagant forms, fantasies … And create for example a children’s room for car fans. Most important thing when thinking about decorating a room for children is … think about them! We must create a space where they can be free to play comfortably, where they can easily find their things, and where they can unleash all their energy without fear of breaking or ruining some very beautiful furniture but little resistant.

And if our little one has a passion, to exploit it! If you are a car fan, we can make a themed room for him, it will be like sleeping every day in an amusement park! Already in other occasions we have given you ideas for thematic rooms, like this bedroom for small climbers. Today we will dedicate to twin size car bed fans. I loved children’s room in main image: a very sober bedroom, where black, white and yellow dominate. Small details tell us about world of cars, like checkered fantasy of cushions and stools, and stickers on furniture. Good thing about this bedroom is that, when time comes, we can easily remove these details and we will have a perfectly decorated neutral room.

This twin size car bed is dream of every child who loves motors. You can see how rest of children’s decoration is very simple, to emphasize most important object of room that is bed. We can also build it by customizing a normal bed, with some wood and paint panels. Strollers everywhere in this beautiful children’s bedroom where green and wood reigns. Two ideas to copy: white strip on wall in street mode and carpet in shape of a car. Another ideal option for bigger ones. Black and vintage reign in that elegant room. Winning detail? Reflectors that simulate headlights of car.