Twin Trundle Bed with Storage Details

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Twin trundle bed with storage – Do you have a small bedroom that you do not know how to decorate? Do you need a renovation urgently? We have what you are looking for! Ideas to decorate small youth rooms because, who said that decorating small rooms was mission impossible? Today we show that it is possible to do real wonders with very little. The key is to take advantage of space: paste the bed to the wall, change the cabinets for shelves and curtains for blinds. Small details that will make the task of decorating juvenile rooms easy. We have for all tastes and of all colors! And all with one point in common: tiny but precious.

It is a much more sober style, without too many adornments and with simple structures. We like the detail of the furniture that overlaps, like the drawers that remain under the desk. We also find the twin trundle bed with storage that is superimposed, instead of being placed on a normal bed frame. It gives a modern and ‘oriental’ touch to the room. The key is to prioritize what you use the most. For example, how the desk occupies almost nothing in the bedroom. The bed and the cupboards have more prominence. Another detail to take into account to save space is to use chairs with metallic and thin legs.

The decoration of this twin trundle bed with storage is much more ‘mature’. It is perfect for teenagers in the middle of high school. Why? Because it does not have many distractions, the desk has a lot of importance and plenty of space for books and notes. Choose one that is not heavy. There are folding legs that open when leaving the main furniture. This, in addition, is at a height similar to the upper bed and it is the drawers that are at the lowest level.