Twin XL Captains Bed in Favorite Decor

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Twin XL captains bed in the kids room helps save space and fit the aesthetics of the room. But does this have feng shui and affect the child’s sleep? Choose a lovely bedroom with room design for your favorite male superhero. With just a few simple superhero stickers and gold-toned wallpapers sticking together make your baby’s bedroom much more animated. Bunk beds are a smart solution for cramped rooms, not having enough space to accommodate large beds or twin beds. Many feng shui experts said that booking a bunk bed in the baby’s bedroom if properly will have many advantages in feng shui.

For families with one child, a twin xl captains bed can be used, with the upper floor being the resting area of ​​the child, while the lower floor of the bed is used as a playground. If there are two children in the house, it is better to use bunk beds. Bunk beds can help unify one direction, favoring the relationship of two children. The bed should be placed close to the wall, based on the two walls in the room to save space, create space without feeling at the same time, firm feeling, not be warped.

However, booking twin XL captains bed in the room is not feng shui or placed in the taboo position can make children lack of sleep, even causing gas pressure, stand still. Please observe the choice of how to fit the best, while ensuring the aesthetic that feng shui. Do not place the bed in front of the mirror by mirror reflecting things in front of you; baby will startle waking up at night. Do not place beds where strong light is shining directly, because strong light can cause children to sorrow, torment. It is not a bad idea to put a bed near a window and a curtain. Natural light helps the room bright and wide, airy; children are close to nature, stimulating all senses.