Twin XL Platform Bed Ideas

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Twin XL platform bed creates a new king size bed is an ideal, cheap way to create a new bed. You do not have to spend time researching and buying a new king size mattress and box spring. If you have two XL single beds that you do not use anymore, they can be combined. This is a great way to save money and reuse something you may have otherwise thrown away or given away.


Buy a twin XL platform bed frame and mattress bridge or contact. The contact is so you do not fall through the center of single beds. Both can be obtained from a straw shop. Install the frame according to the manufacturer’s instructions and location on the floor. Place the box spring each twin XL mattress on the frame. Make adjustments to the frame, if necessary.

Place the mattresses on top of the box springs, and make sure they are even with the sides of the box springs. Place the mattress brewing on connecting mattresses. Depending on the type of bridge you purchased will depend on how to install the bridge. Make some final adjustments of the springs, mattress and bridge box. Dress the bed with king size beds. Your twin XL platform bed are now a king size bed.

Tips and warnings

While the mattress plug is not required to use the bed, it is not possible to break through and separate mattresses as they sleep on them. You can leave it if you want. Make sure that the frame is secure when assembling it; otherwise your bed may collapse when seated or put on it, causing any damage. If you like the space that a king size bed gives you but do not want to spend money for one, you might buy twin XL platform bed and convert it to a king size for less. There are a variety of kits to buy for you to seamlessly combine two twins to a king size. Since king size mattresses come with double large box springs, there is not much difference in purchasing two single beds and combine them with a single kit.