Warm the Kitchen with Dark Cabinets Light Countertops

Posted on Countertop Ideas

Dark cabinets light countertops – We have to tend to look for the clearest possible colors, which we can always break with a note of color. The white is undoubtedly the best solution, besides being a color that brightens kitchen spaces, conveys cleanliness, which is essential in the kitchen. The color-lighting combination is also important. The more luminous our kitchen, the bigger it will look to us.

But since we do not always have good natural lighting, if we have to opt for artificial light, we will try to make it as white as possible. The dim lights, although they give more warmth, also create shadows that will not favor us. In terms of materials and finishes, we should look for furniture in light colors and clean materials, such as compact quartz countertops. And don’t forget to try combining the dark cabinets light countertops.

If we are facing a real problem of space, it is not a bad idea to opt for glass in some parts and furniture in the kitchen. These to gain that spatial sensation that we lack. If still, we want to give the kitchen a slightly warmer touch, we can do it by introducing light wood for the dark cabinets light countertops, which will give us a very interesting combination.