White Twin Sleigh Bed Like Sofa

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White twin sleigh bed – There are many reasons why a person would like to use a white twin sleigh bed like a couch. Living in a studio apartment or a dorm can mean your bed has to function as a sofa. You may want to keep some sleep in your home office. You may only need a sofa and have an extra single bed. No matter what reason, you can follow these steps on how to use a single bed like a couch.


Remove any posts from the bed. To convert the white twin sleigh bed to a couch, it helps to make the foot and head in bed less dominant. This may involve removing posts from the bedside, in an attempt to make the head and stand for the same height. It can also mean removing posts from a four-poster bed. If you can remove the headboard and footplate all that would give you a simple bed to begin with. Adjust the height of the bed. The bed should be a height where you can sit down comfortably and not have to climb. Most beds are a little too high, and so trade out the box spring for a thin low profile box spring. If your bed is too low to sit, you can adjust the height with riser.

Place the white twin sleigh bed against the wall. The most important part of making a bed in a sofa is the location. To put it against a wall or in a corner immediately gives the structure a rear and at least one side. Design a baking tray (optional). In order to really give your sofa the subject, it helps to build a bedside similar to the back of the bed. Simply get a piece of plywood that is the length of the bed, and if you want, you can cut a simple curve in the back. Cover this plywood with bat and fabric and place it between the back wall and the bed.